Dan’s Advice

The world is full of problems. When you’re having trouble, who do you ask for advice? A trusted friend? A close family member? Your pet labradoodle? Your belly button? All of these are fine and dandy, but sometimes the best advice comes from someone who is completely detached from your situation.

As someone who is easily distracted by shiny objects, I can assure you: I am completely detached from your situation. And that, coupled with an ego large enough to name a website after myself, means I am completely qualified to write an advice column.

So ask me about your dating problems, your financial situation, or your upcoming big purchase. I will publicly guide you through the choppy waters you’re facing (and privately laugh at your incompetence). Check in on Saturdays to find the answers you seek.

If you people don’t ask me some questions, there will never be any answers to read. 😉