Funny Videos

Did you know Dan of the Day features a collection of hundreds of quirky/funny videos and images? Each is hidden and revealed by hovering over and clicking certain text in Dan’s daily thoughts.

For example, click here to see a hidden video.

Most of the thoughts on this website have a video, with the exception of the really old ones.

Wait, where are these videos?
Hidden all over the site. You can browse through past thoughts or use the random thought button, then hover over the words in the thoughts to find the hidden videos (like in the example above).
Why are the videos hidden?
It’s like a fun game! I started adding hidden videos and images to add a little spice to Dan of the Day thoughts. I’ve always been a fan of easter eggs, and I felt keeping the videos hidden would allow me to add another layer of depth to the site without detracting from the main intent.
Ralph Simpson finds an Easter egg, drops it into a basket with a hole in it, so it falls to the ground, and then finds it again, over and over.
If these are easter eggs, why are you telling everyone about them. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?
I guess. At some point I realized, “Hey, I have hundreds of these videos collected, and they’re pretty interesting. I should tell people about this.” So I did.
Who is asking you these questions? Are you just talking to yourself?
Yes. Yes I am. Does that make me crazy, or just pathetic?
Probably a little of both.