When setting a table for a formal dinner, do you use one spork per place or two?

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  • Administrator

    When in the world of Sporks does anyone make the rules? Dan of the Day can! Where, how many, what kind, on the left, right, front, back, or in the cup, on the plate, or hidden in the food? Where does Dan want the Spork to be! It’s a limitless end of possibilities! Only Dan knows where you’re Spork will be! Haha! I own a Titanium Spork by the way (no, this is really true)…

  • Yarnspinner

    I’ve believe that it is two, one for salad and another for the main course; unless the main course is salad, and then it’s just one. Don’t forget the plastic knife (except Texas, where it is a plastic Bowie knife).
    You should also remind your guests to keep one of the sporks for dessert. That will save time when you wash the dishes.