Note to self: Come up with plan to hide embezzled funds. Also, find a less-public place to write down notes to self.

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  • Yarnspinner

    Kind of like having a private conversation with yourself in public and suddenly realizing that your lips are moving, again.

    • Dan of the Day

      Do you often talk to yourself in public about committing crimes?

      • Flimtonius

        It’s probably due to some of the voices in his head leaking out…. They can do that sometimes. You just have to remember to give them credit for the words, or it could be construed as plagiarism.

  • Yarnspinner

    I’ll plead the 5th, as per the voices …

  • dranthonykstevens

    I think this is more like the lady at the airport who was talking on a cell phone. When the loudspeaker came on to tell us all critical information about out flight. She raised her voice to over talk the loud speaker.

    • Dan of the Day

      Charming. Did you throw something at her?

    • Yarnspinner

      She’ll go to the special Hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk in movies.

      • Dan of the Day

        And people who talk loud during important announcements, obviously.

  • Administrator

    Well, this all very well sucks! If you can go to hell for talking, I’m pretty much a shoe in. I’m only 35 and I’ve all ready said too much!