There are certain things you should never set on the stove, even if you think it’s not hot. Officially adding cats to that list.

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  • dranthonykstevens

    I knew that. Like how to change a diaper. Put baby on counter. Open diaper. Move baby to …

    And then its when the really pretty UPS lady comes and brings the box into your kitchen. You are so cool as you cross your legs and lean to the side and put your hand on the counter to hold the lean. The counter is on the other side.

    You bring Jake the young handsome guy you work with home to meet the family. Your daughter comes in the kitchen to met him and feels short next to his 6 foot 3 frame. She coolly jumps up to sit on the counter. Again … the counter is on the other side.

    Did I ever tell you that my wife can’t even boil water. She keeps putting it on the counter???