I keep these items in my car for legitimate reasons: baseball bat – playing ball, knife – dicing vegetables, axe – lumberjacking, gun – shooting people.

  • Rick

    Not very funny at all. You need a HATE button for this one. I’ve found nearly all your stuff to be amusing. This one is not.

    • Dan of the Day

      Thank you for the feedback. (Honestly, I appreciate it.) What in particular did you hate about this one? I realize I can be flippant and/or insensitive at times.

      What if I promise to never post this one again? Then can we be friends? 😉

      • Choob

        Maybe a Simpsons reference can fix this…gun – more speedholes.

        • Administrator

          My experience has always been that when humans begin turning into Zombies they usually appreciate a little assistance. The highway traffic patrol also usually appreciates said assistance as Zombie’s are not generally known for playing with others and tend to ignore traffic laws… But then again, that has just been my experience…

      • Ricky

        I understand your humor. You’re very funny and seem to be smart. There is WAY TOO MUCH senseless violence in the world. Perhaps I should not judge you too harshly. But, my brother died because of a road rage incident. And I just don’t find the idea of driving around shooting people funny AT ALL.

        • Dan of the Day

          I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t condone senseless violence in the slightest, although I do try to poke fun at the absurdity of it from time to time. Unfortunately, sometimes the ludicrous is far too similar to real life.