I wish people had antlers, because I’m sure they would make bar fights a lot more entertaining.

Person with Antlers

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I wish people had antlers, because I'm sure they would make bar fights a lot more entertaining.
  • Purvis

    Search the Internet for the official video of Fallout Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down Swinging” for a thought-provoking commentary on the social challenges that people with antlers would face.

    • Dan of the Day

      Whatever, that guy still got chicks, and everything worked out in the end.

      • Choob

        Proof that evolution is true!

      • Administrator

        I live in Germany. Therefore, I have been restricted from watching this video! My brain is totally going “conspiracy theory” over here! What secrets about people with antlers is the German goverment trying to hide? Or, maybe it is what Dan said. With all the beer and drinking that happens over here, maybe they are just worried that it will catch on?

      • Administrator

        Seriously, I cannot watch this video, my browser only says, “Dieses Video ist in deinem Land nicht verfuegbar,” which being translated means, “This video is not available in your country,” which being losely translated means, “The super secrets about how wonderful it can be for a human to become super-human by having antlers will forever be forbidden from your veiwing… Suck it up sucker for living in Germany!”

      • Dan of the Day

        This is not some conspiracy of the German government. You are currently being afflicted by a much more dark and sinister force: the music industry.

      • Administrator

        I still think they just don’t want to give drunk Germans another bad idea to try… You would not believe the broken glass in Munich after New Years…

      • Administrator

        Totally uncontrolled fireworks on New Years in Munich: