Junk and Stuff – My Upcoming Book

Yes, Dan of the Day is coming to you soon in book format. Dan’s new book, Junk and Stuff, will be a compilation of the best of Dan’s funny thoughts, plus additional, previously unpublished musings on topics from space travel to eating donkeys.

It will also feature a guest thought from one of my distinguished readers who has won the honor by being super funny. I wanted to have a fight to the death, but my wife talked me into a funny thought contest instead. :(

As the title implies, the book will contain both junk and stuff. I can’t really tell the difference, so I’m just throwing it all in there.

You can use Junk and Stuff to hold open a door, prop up a wobbly chair, throw at an annoying person or even read. Unless, of course, you purchase the e-book format, in which case your options may be a bit more limited.

Check back for updates on my progress with the book, publishing dates, the cover design, yada yada. Or subscribe to my announcements email list and I’ll keep you posted.