Sometimes I wonder if Star Trek is even real.

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Sometimes I wonder if Star Trek is even real.
  • Choob


  • Administrator

    Stop hurting people! Sometimes, Star Trek is all we have! . . . I need to go and eat a twinkie and play some World of War Craft… You have made me think very bad things today…

  • tripletiote

    I quite enjoy studying historical records broadcast to my televison. The last thing I need is doubt about my chosen field.

  • Flimtonius

    No doubt about it. I mean, look at all the evidence that supports it: The rising global temperatures, the cooler weather, the melting and expanding glaciers, the sporadic appearance of the Loch Ness Monster, and the inexplicable end to barrel throwing attacks by Donkey Kong…. It all adds up to Star Trek being the only truth.