Did you know that the blood in the shower scene from Psycho is actually chocolate syrup? That chick had chocolate blood!

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  • Administrator

    Now I understand why Norman Bates stabbed her! Mmmmh, chocolaty goodness!
    Do we know what kind she was? Swiss? German? Belgium? Crappy American facsimile? IMDB says Vera Miles hails from the fake Boise in Oklahoma…

  • dranthonykstevens

    Reality in movies. Ron Cox would have been the first actor to play three different US Presidents, but the third time he was the president in an alternate universe????????

  • dranthonykstevens

    IMBD understands the truth:?: Has played two fictional presidents of the United States: President Tom Kimball in Captain America (1990) and President Jack Neil in Murder at 1600 (1997). His character Senator/Vice President Robert Kinsey in “Stargate SG-1” (1997) became president in several episodes, however, these were ‘alternate universe/alternative Timeline’ scenarios.

  • holly18xx

    Vampires Would love her!!!!