No Dan of the Day today, I’m all out of funny. And powdered sugar. Do you have any I could borrow?

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  • Flimtonius

    Strange. I just checked in my desk, and I’m all out of ambition, motivation, and running low on units of sleep. Somebody must be sneaking into the cube at night and stealing all that good stuff. I think they also took my used Kleenex collection….

  • Purvis

    The peanut butter balls I made last week had two pounds of powdered sugar in them!

    • Flimtonius

      Each? Wow! Those are some Power Balls!

      • Dan

        Those were so small and so heavy I thought they were lead. I feel a lot better about eating some now that I know what was actually in them.

  • Dan of the Day

    I must say I’m very disappointed that no one ever offered to let me borrow any powdered sugar or funny. Some friends you guys are.