After months of flight school and hours in the cockpit, I suddenly realized that I was not, in fact, being trained to be a pirate.

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  • Benjamin

    Hmm… This has happened before, but in reverse:

    • Dan of the Day

      Wow. I guess that’s musicals for you – it takes a two-minute-long song to make the same joke I did in one sentence. Then again, look who was on broadway and who just runs a piddly comedy website.

  • http://www.KingKoush.com koush22

    happened to me before. Twice.


    • Dan of the Day

      Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I’m a freaking moron.

      • Administrator

        My best advice is to just avoid puns all together… They never work out well for the rest of us…

      • Administrator

        Plus, you just can’t beat Angela Landsbury, once she’s done it, your game is gone!