Live Blog – Watching Back to the Future

August 10th, 2012
Tonight I’m watching Back to the Future, and I’ll be live blogging all the incredible action right here. Buckle your seat belts, folks, and keep hitting that refresh button. This is going to be fun!

8:17 Look at all the clocks! Get it – clocks? Time travel? Too clever!

8:19 Einstein eats dog food! Ha ha.

8:21 McFly just blew out a giant speaker. Sporting the aviator glasses back when they were cool.

8:22 Wait, Doc stole the plutonium?!

8:23 When I was 15 I rode behind a car on a skateboard like Marty. It started wobbling like crazy and I lost control and almost died.

8:24 Fun fact: The nerdy guy at the band tryouts who says, “Next, please,” is Huey Lewis, who wrote and performed the theme for this movie.

8:26 This lady is really excited about saving the clock tower. Good thing she’s got that can full of pennies to help pay for it.

8:29 This Biff guy is really nice. Nice name too.

8:32 New idea for singles trying to meet that special someone: get hit by a car.

8:34 I didn’t have a cordless phone in 1985. No fair.

8:35 Heck, I didn’t have a cordless phone in 1995.

8:36 I’ll bet it would be hard to get out of a Delorean if you were parked anywhere near anything.

8:37 Holy crap! I want a remote control Delorean!

8:37 It’s probably the dog actually driving it. Can’t believe I fell for the old remote control bit.

8:40 Wait, Einstein is a dog?! I guess that explains why he could drive a car.

8:42 1.21 jiggawatts? For a scientist, Doc Brown doesn’t know jack about the metric system.

8:44 I need a nuclear powered car.

8:45 For a genius dog, Einstein sure doesn’t speak very well.

8:47 Libyan terrorists always drive Volkswagen vans.

8:48 McFly was scared of a scarecrow. Get it?

8:49 Alien lands in your barn. Next logical step? Try to blow off its head with a shotgun. Welcome to earth.

8:50 So a second ago it was about 1:15 at night. Now suddenly it’s got to be at least 11 AM. Makes sense to me.

8:53 Marty keeps saying, “This has got to be a dream.” Actually, it was a time machine. Remember what Doc said? Time machine.

8:56 See? Biff is a nice guy. And that dude wearing the 3D glasses? So cool!

8:57 Ice cream break!

8:59 Back with homemade strawberry ice cream. What did I miss? Oh right, nothing.

9:00 Another one of these kids jumped in front of his car? How many guys has he hit? It’s a wonder his mom hasn’t fallen in love with any of them already.

9:05 Marty’s mom is creepy.

9:08 Jerry Lewis actually would have made a great vice president.

9:11 More with the jiggawatts. It’s gigawatt. Gig-a-watt.

9:14 Putting a kick-me sign on a guy’s back only ever worked in the movies.

9:18 Of course Lorraine would rather go to the dance with Biff. He’s a nice guy!

9:20 Wait, Darth Vader isn’t from the planet Vulcan!

9:24 And thus Marty McFly invents the skateboard.

9:25 How can I get into the manure hauling business? That seems like a happening industry.

9:28 So they just simulated the back-to-the-future technique with a model and the car lit on fire. I don’t understand why it didn’t go back in time.

9:29 Good thing it didn’t, though. You wouldn’t want to send a flaming miniature care thirty years into the future.

9:33 When I write a letter, I always read it out loud as I write it in case there’s a camera nearby making a movie about my life.

9:35 Now Marty is parked with his mom. Creepiness level increases tenfold.

9:37 Lorraine takes off her jacket and reveals… a lot. Creepiness notches up again.

9:38 Ewww! She kissed him on the mouth!

9:39 Biff’s back! He’s such a ladies’ man.

9:40 Why is George fighting Biff?

9:41 Aaaand, Biff’s down for the count. I guess I’m okay with George and Lorraine getting together.

9:44 Time to hurry and make sure Marty gets to that lightning strike on time! Or he could just play Johnny B. Goode instead.

9:46 Michael J. Fox sounds a lot different when he sings.

9:48 Lorraine asks Marty, “Will we ever see you again?” Shouldn’t Marty say, “Yeah, see you at school again on Monday?”

9:49 Apparently Marty also took the time to change his clothes before meeting up with Doc. Not like they’re trying to hit a specific deadline or anything.

9:53 I think more buildings should have gargoyles on them.

9:54 Marty slides across the hood of his car to get to the other side and climb in. So cool.

9:55 The Delorean engine died again? Why didn’t they get this thing serviced?

9:56 Once at Universal Studios I got to play the part of Doc Brown where he puts the cable together just as the lightning strikes. I did a way better job than this Christopher Lloyd guy.

9:59 Convenient that the storm died down the second that lightning bolt struck. Wouldn’t want the weather to keep climaxing after Marty’s safely in the future.

10:01 Cue the terrorist VW… And Marty can’t start the Delorean. I told you guys to get it serviced!

10:02 Doc sits up after being shot multiple times. He’s a zombie!

10:04 Why did it take Marty a full two minutes to get up to 88 mph, but Doc does it in like three seconds?

10:06 With all that changed in the future, it’s a good thing Mary’s parents bought the same house.

10:07 Biff’s polishing the car. And he’s so helpful, bringing Marty he’s keys. I told you this guy was nice!

10:08 I kinda think Marty’s mom was hotter than his girlfriend.

10:09 So Marty, Jennifer and the Doc all get into the Delorean and travel to the future. Maybe they’ll make a sequel.