When you leave a job you should always try leaving a dummy at your desk. If you’re lucky, they’ll keep sending you paychecks.

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When you leave a job you should always try leaving a dummy at your desk. If you're lucky, they'll keep sending you paychecks.
  • Flimtonius

    I’m going to leave a wise guy at my desk, otherwise they would notice. It will start to smack talk people whenever it detects conversation nearby.

    • Oiseau

      Now that’s symbolic!

  • Eric

    This happened to me when my last cube-mate left. The pink t-shirt (Pinkie as he was known to insiders) was always showing me up. He never complained. He was at his desk twenty-four hours a day. He never screwed anything up. He was the model employee… He has since moved on to another company (for a larger paycheck) and left a human in his place… It’s really quite unfair.

    • Dan of the Day

      Yeah, think about the poor guy left behind.

      “Boss, I’m sharing my cubicle with a dummy. Are you still paying that guy?”

      “Don’t call Benson names. He’s one of the best employees we’ve ever had here, and you could do to learn a thing or two from him.”

      • Flimtonius

        Oh yeah, Benson, I used to watch that show. Wasn’t that the one with the guy who always said “I pity the foo…?”

      • Dan of the Day

        No, you’re thinking of Dragnet.

      • Flimtonius

        Oh, right. That was the one with the indestructible helicopter that got stuck on an island in the Pacific, and Gilligan kept screwing up the rescue attempts by getting in fights with Pugsly and Eddie Haskel. I remember it so clearly now….