After a failed career in pro fighting, the Karate Kid alternated jobs as a carwash attendant and fence painter.

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  • Yarnspinner

    It’s nice when skills learned in youth yield dividends in the sunset years.
    I’m just wondering when my dodge-ball and marbles skills will start paying off.

  • Administrator

    What about my beat box skills and shoveling pig manure… I take the second one back, there is ALWAYS a demand for people with that skill (but it’s not worth it, trust me ;0)

    • Dan of the Day

      You could be the next Bobby McFerrin! But instead of songs like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” you can make songs about shoveling pig manure! Maybe Yarnspinner can help you write a couple about dodgeball and marbles! (As you can tell by my exclamation points, I am really excited about this idea!)