I am the humblest man alive!

January 7th, 2011

I nominated myself for a Shorty Award under the category “humble.” Read my interview and nominate (vote for) me here.

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  • dranthonykstevens

    Yes, I relate to humble. It humbles me to think how humble I am.

  • dranthonykstevens

    I am so in touch with your humility. I have spent my life developing my great humility. Everyone praises me on my humility. When I go to the afterlife, I am sure that even God will marvel at my humility. If I do say so myself.

  • dranthonykstevens

    Even my wife says, “It humiliates me how humble you are”. Humiliate is a variant of humble isn’t it.

  • dranthonykstevens

    Sorry Dan, I am not trying to monopolize your website, but I was raised in a community where being humble was an art form. I wish others would chime in. So I will continue:

    People would give me the respect that I so desire if they knew how humble I am.

  • dranthonykstevens

    I have worked hard to be the great man that I am I can say with all humility.

    • Dan of the Day

      Clearly the mark of a humble man is one who posts five consecutive comments on a thread about humility. I would vote for you, but that would just make competition for me.