Halloween: The kids are scared of ghosts and monsters. The adults are scared people will think they’re pedophiles if they don’t give out candy.

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  • tripletiote

    Holy Crap! I can’t believe playing a keyboard can make you so cool!

    • Dan of the Day

      In all fairness, he sings too. And does some, uh, amazing dancing.

  • Choob

    Truer words have never been spoken in the history of mankind. And a more stupid face than is seen on the keyboarder has never been seen in the history of mankind. Well done, well done.

  • BarryPotter

    Sheesh, I now understand how the early mountain men were able to convince the natives to trade away everything they owned for cheap stones. It was because they could dance like the dickens! This mountaineer has AMAZING skillz!!

  • Administrator

    This video is all that needs to be said in defense of my “in-breeding no tolerance policy.”

  • BarryPotter

    Yeah… but apparently inbreeding can result in some pretty awesome facial hair.

    • Administrator

      So can a vat of radioactive material, but I wouldn’t recommend that either…