Elephants would be a lot funnier if they had giant macaroni coming out of their faces instead of tusks.

Elephant with Macaroni for Tusks

See how funny? Tee hee. Let's sign a petition. We want macaroni tusks!

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  • Dan of the Day

    I’ve decided to do something about this. I created a Facebook group: 1,000,000 Who Want Elephants to Have Macaroni Tusks

    • Administrator

      I’ve decided to do something about this too! I joined the group!

      This is what I love so much about Facebook groups! It’s the greatest way to take something like clicking a button (all of 10 seconds of your time) and turning it into a wonderfully satisfying feeling of accomplishment, and then not being required to take any responsability for the acctions of the group that accepted your button click…

      It is this irrational feeling of accomplishment, that is gained through so little effort, that has allowed me to join this group with little thought and wreckless abandon!

    • Dan of the Day

      Just checked up on this Facebook group and found that it has doubled in size since the last time I checked it. If this trend continues, we should hit 1 million people sometime in February of 2018. Macaroni tusks could become a reality before the end of this decade!