Dan of the Night

April 1st, 2013

After careful consideration, Dan of the Day has decided to rename this site Dan of the Night. Why night? “Everything about night is cooler,” Dan said. “That’s when all the parties are. Nighttime is fun time. And night carries that dark connotation that makes everything a little edgier. We think the younger generation will really be excited about this change.”

It’s no secret that Dan of the Day’s audience has been aging for some time now. “They’re getting older every day (and every night)!” Dan explained. The older they get, the sooner they die, and the sooner there is no one left to read Dan’s random thoughts. “At this point in time close to 90% of our site visits come from retirement homes and assisted living facilities. That’s just not a sustainable demographic,” Dan noted.

The Dan of the Night changeover is already in progress. The site style and logo have been updated, and the domain name will be changed shortly. Browsers should notice an immediate difference in the energy of the site. “We revamped the website completely,” Dan effused, “Now it looks just like a night club. Everyone’s excited and confused.”

Visitors are encouraged to come to the site at night. The visual effect is more pronounced in the dark, and the jokes will actually seem funnier because readers will be more relaxed. But Dan wants everyone to know the site will still be fully available during daylight hours as well. “People still need a laugh when the sun is out, and we understand that. We’ll be here 24/7, making the world a better place.”

Here’s a preview of the site update:

Preview of the new Dan of the Night website design

What do you think of the new name and design? Please leave a comment below.

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  • tripletiote

    When they stop the drum machine, and I can think again…

  • Yarnspinner

    Another end of an era and the beginning, too:

  • http://gdesigngeek@blogspot.com beckyflo

    It reminds me of the quote “Always be yourself unless you’re Batman, then always be Batman”. I also like airports.