Do you ever see the word “coworker” and think “cow orker?”

Beware of Cow
Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/tm-tm/2339539399

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Do you ever see the word "coworker" and think "cow orker?"
  • http://soggy-doggy-bloggy.blogspot.com/ dizzblnd

    all the time! makes me wonder what it means to ork a cow!

  • Choob

    Is it me or is that cow giving birth to a car from it’s face?

    • Dan of the Day

      No, I think the cow is “orking” the car.

  • Purvis

    “To ork” does not sound well-intentioned.
    “To ork a cow” sounds nefarious at best.

  • Choob

    Perhaps Mork was an Orker?

  • Flimtonius

    What is “Be ware?” Is it like “malware?” Whatever it is, that cow is doing it to the car, and it looks bad.

    • Purvis

      I hadn’t considered this before, but it does appear that the car is getting worked by that cow.