Book Update

November 5th, 2013
I’ve been working furiously (like, really angry) to get this book done in time for Christmas shopping. Here’s the status so far:

  • Writing: Done. *High-fiving myself*
  • Picking out the best thoughts from the past 4 years: Done
  • Scrambling those thoughts into a pseudo-random order: Done
  • Fonts and format selection: Done
  • Typography: 20% complete
  • Title: Selected a new one. Excited about it.
  • Cover: Asked someone if they will create some cover art. Anyone interested in doing some character art for it? Contact me.
  • Uploading to Amazon and printing a proof: 0% complete

Close. I’m getting close. And I’m getting very excited, because this book is a compilation of my best work, and it makes me laugh. I’m hoping it will make you laugh too.