I thought I had some kind of bizarre alien growth on the back of my neck, but it turns out it was just a cyst. Lame.

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  • Purvis

    When I was little I got hives on the backs of my hands. I hoped it meant I was turning into a ninja turtle, but alas no. Some things we never outgrow.

  • Choob

    This clip seems awefully familiar…http://danoftheday.com/funny-random-thoughts/2009/07/

    • Dan of the Day

      Before it was just a few freeze frames. I went all out this time.

      • Administrator

        Are you admitting that you have been holding back on us?

        And, dog-garn-it, I agree! I still want to turn into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Sadly, more for the cool shell than the Ninja skills…