There are A types of people in the world: Those who understand hex, those who don’t, those who pretend to, those who think it’s a dirty word, those who say it’s witchcraft, those who think it’s part of DNA, those who think it’s where the devil lives, those who can perform the Bat-Bogey Hex, those who like Tex-Mex, and those who vex T-Rex by working on their pecs and flex while eating Chex and getting in wrecks because they’re rubber necks.

10 Types of People

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  • Purvis

    I need to take a breath after that one.

  • Choob

    You mimic one of the most profound statements in our digital age..what are you, a Turing machine?

  • Yarnspinner

    No finer words were ever strung together in such an eloquent and insightful manner. You really know how to touch a person’s heart and soul, and I am deeply grateful that I lived to see such wisdom engraved on the ether. You truly are the Dan of this Day!

  • shar_flo

    You were right. I don’t get it.